Chicago Places

There are two National Labs: Argonne National Lab and Fermilab.
There's a forest preserve in between them: Green Valley Forest Preserve
There is also the Brookfield Zoo not too far away.

In the city itself is the Art Institute of Chicago.
Neighborhoods include Oak Park and Highland Park.

A city in between the two labs is Naperville.

There is a Bahai temple in Chicago.

Chicago is a city next to one of the great lakes- lake Michigan. Its in the state of Illinois.

In Naperville is the McDowell Grove forest preserve, which is very beautiful.

On the west side is Country lakes park. Wendy Doniger, who studies and writes about Hinduism is at University of Chicago

Kwang-je Kim is also at University of Chicago

What else is there to learn about Chicago? Here is Chicago history. It was originally inhabitted by the Algonquian peoples. It was founded in 1833. The big fire was in 1871. The lake is called Lake Michigan and it has 22,300 sq. mi surface area. A national park along the lake is Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Here's info about Jews in Chicago. Wikitravel Chicago

Wendy Doniger at University of Chicago

Southeast of Chicago, Illinois is Indiana.

Naperville is a suburb of Chicago, and lies between Fermilab and Argonne.

Founding of Naperville

In the early 1800s, there was no regularly travelled road west of Detroit or Cincinati. The country beyond was unbroken and unknown, inhabited only by Indians and a few scattered settlements. The avenues of travel were Indian trails and buffalo runs. The stars and the sun were the only guides. A singular fact is that where the buffalo would have bivouacked would have been found the largest Indian village, which, in turn, became the places which were natural locations for our great cities. The early roads became the trunk lines of the railroads. Thus, they came, the strong and silent heroes who brought their women and children in an ox wagon.

p. 9, Naperville, Illinois by Jo Fredell Higgins

I fly in and out of Chicago when I visit my mom.

Then I get a car rental from Avis at 10000 Bessie Coleman Drive, Chicago.

Red Roof Inn Chicago - Naperville (more information) 1698 West Diehl Road | Naperville | IL | 60563 | US | 630-369-2500

What to do there? I went to the art institute museum with Valentina last time. I could visit this nice deep dish pizza place:Burt's place I could go to see improv while there? I could go to see some blues? Carl Sandberg wrote poetry about Chicago. Frank Lloyd Wright lived in Chicago in 1887.

tours of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture in Chicago:

Another poet from Chicago is Harriet Monroe,

Here is "You and I" by Monroe

A bluegrass group from Chicago are the henhouse-prowlers. An example.

A Buddhist center: 4722 N. Malden Chicago, IL 60640

Hilary Clinton was born in Chicago.

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