Petrolia is a small town in coastal northern California. During the summers growing up, my siblings and I would spend a few weeks there. It is a part of Humboldt county.

With the appearance of Western settlers in 1849, including gold rush settlers and miners, the Mattole culture quickly died out. The first oil was pumped in 1865. The Mattole post office opened in 1863. There were the Clarks and the Conklins.
TK Clark- Regional history of Petrolia
(There was the Clark Massacre in Idaho in 1851)

Many of the original back to the land people were 'Diggers'.
French documentary on Diggers.
One of the founders was Peter Coyote

Chronological Mattole History Sketch

6,000-15,000 years ago: Native Mattole, an Athapaskan-language-speaking people, arrived here from north. Sedentary (permanent villages) but not agricultural with likely exception of tobacco cultivation. Acorns and salmon dietary mainstays. Culture assumed to be similar to that of Sinkyone, group to the south, and Bear River Natives, just to the north.

The coast near there is called the Lost Coast.

The cabin on Evergreen Way was originally purchased by my grandmother Dorothy Nash.
Peter and Judy later moved there and bought a house and some land on the Mattole river at 31561 Mattole Road. My Dad called this property 'River Ranch'. It could be worth a fair amount of money which may be a part of the estate.
Mattole road connects to Lighthouse road. This connects to the coast, to the King range and also to Mattole road which leads to town and also to Honeydew and Ferndale. Passing through Honeydew, one then gets to Garberville which is along highway 101. To the north of Garberville is Eureka.

Some of the families in Petrolia include the Simpsons (David and Jane), the Rathbuns, the Smiths and the Andersons.

The Browns organize the Lost Coast Camp

The Simpsons are David and Jane and their kids.

Gaby and Lacief live in Petrolia.
John Vargo also lives in Petrolia.

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